subversion with crowd authentication recap

In my last post I wrote about creating a simple subversion module. The intention was to walk through the process I went through from start to finish for a new module.

That is not going to happen. Sorry. There are already resources out there to teach puppet, and they are excellent. A module I write in a day shouldn't take weeks to write about. At my current pace that is what is going to happen. Instead, I'll just describe what the module does and post the code.

Subversion Module

  • Installs Subversion
  • Creates repository directory
  • Adds a facter fact to list the current repositories on the server
  • Uses Hiera for crowd specific variables and the repositories on the server

Puppetlabs Apache Module

  • Expanded to support auth_crowd


Code for the subversion module can be found here. I'll post the puppetlabs-apache code once I submit a pull request with my additions.