Project Concept: Achievements

I get project ideas all the time, this one came at 2:33am according to the task in OmniFocus. It's beyond my coding ability, but I think it's a decent idea.

If you think so too, let me know and we'll code some stuff up! Or, if this already exists and I haven't heard of the site let me know.

/Begin Elevator Pitch (in car salesman like voice):/

Achievements, the “gamification” of the web, are poised to become the next big thing. Microsoft even recently added earning achievements to the next release of Visual Studio.

I propose a centralized place, much like gravatar, that would allow developers to easily add achievements to their site. Users benefit because they have one place to keep track of all their “badges” and unlockable content.

(all of these based on user and site preference)

  • Site can administrators easily add and track new achievements by using API or portal
  • User achievements/badges could be shared among sites
  • Posting of newly earned badges across all sites to twitter/facebook/etc..
  • Linked to email address, no real “authentication” needed
  • Increase site visibility because badges for your site would show up on other site user profiles
  • Increase user interactions as they compete for badges