Sending files using DNS

Today I pushed an app I've been working on to a public git repo here. The project allows people to share files using DNS. A file is pushed to an authoritative name server and can be pulled back down with a file key. If it's pulled back down from someone's normal name servers, it will (depending on DNS server settings) be cached on that name server. Subsequent pulls from that name server won't need to hit the authoritative name server for records as long as it's cached (usually TTL, sometimes not).

I think the idea is fun, and I've been able to pull down an Ubuntu ISO using only DNS as my source. I did a call for help on reddit for people to give suggestions on cleaning up my code and already have four pull requests. Still have quite a few things I'd like to add, at the top of my list is a rails app that would allow a user to upload a file and have it pushed to DNS records.

Check it out, make fun of my code, and tell anyone you think might be interested.